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Trollface is (c) Whynne and used with his permission

plz account created by Kyu-Neko

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:icontrollfaceplz: :icongunplz: :iconprincess-daisy-plz: :iconbloodburstplz:
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Once you start reading this, you cannot turn back.

One day, Laura was surfing the internet. She was just looking at her favorite pages when all of a sudden a new tab opened up. She was confused, since she didn’t click on any link whatsoever. The tab didn’t show anything, just a white screen. When she tried to close the tab, nothing happened. She kept pressing the X to close it, but instead the tab turned to full size. Suddenly, the white screen of the tab turned completely black. It wasn’t only the tab screen that turned black, all the button and everything else on her screen did the same. Even her mouse disappeared off the screen. After a little while, she decided to turn her computer off because she simply thought it was broken. She made a big mistake. Out of nowhere, a full screen picture of her dog appeared on the black screen. As she looked at it, she could see that the pictures eyes slowly started doing puppy eyes. The longer she stared at it, the more cuter the picture became, until the picture resembled happiness itself. The speakers of her computer suddenly let out an extremely loud giggling noise. Laura unplugged her speakers like a boss and got up. She got up, opened the door, and left the room. (AND HER DAD DIDN'T FIND HER DEAD!)

DON'T copy and paste this message on 15 other plz accounts and you live a happy life like Laura did!
noobheadz Featured By Owner 4 days ago   Digital Artist
Was it this dog?


Yes i just stole it from you.
pokepk Featured By Owner Edited 5 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
PC gamers are not a master race nor real gamers, they're just fat ugly people who live in their mother's basement. Call of Duty is the best FPS ever, Battlefield, Halo, Team Fortress, and Half Life sucks ass. Nintendo is the worst gaming company ever. Saga kicks Nintendo ass. Anime fucking sucks, My Little Pony is wayyyyy better than any Anime shit out there. :icondontstabmeplz::iconespurrplz: I hate this little stupid shit. Xbox is the best console out there. The playstation suck and so does Sony. Justin Bieber is way better than Michael Jackass because Justin has so much swag. Twilight is better than Harry Potter because Twilight have Vampires and Warewolfs while Harry Potter have stupid ass Wizards. Bronies are so nice, caring, gentle people they are truly a master fandom.
CastleUnderTheMoon Featured By Owner 4 days ago  New member Hobbyist General Artist
Hypocrite. :|
commentvirginityplz Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Is this comment a joke? 
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:iconearthplz: : HOORAY! You deserve this for saving us from the dumb overrated ponies!                                                   :iconfreeinternetplz:
                                      You got a Free Internet!
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